Professional Furnace Repair, Maintenance and Installation in Calgary

Your furnace is the engine that drives your home. Without it, life would come to a halt. Through all of our years of experience, we at JPS Heating and Air Conditioning understand just how important these units are to the safety and comfort of your family. Our professional HVAC team offers furnace repair, inspection, maintenance, cleaning and replacement/installation throughout Calgary and the surrounding area, and has built a reputation on quality, hard work, and professionalism over our years of service in the local area. Detailed furnace inspections, repairs, and new unit installations are our specialty, and with our team of dedicated HVAC professionals, you won’t have to be out in the cold for very long.  We can even clean all of the moving parts to make sure it keeps running smoothly. We know that every minute we take to get to you is another minute you have to go without heat, and we take pride in making sure our customers don’t have to go without their furnace for long in an emergency.

We offer 12 Years parts/ 12 years labor warranty for all new Daikin furnace or air conditioning installations !

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Furnace maintenance and cleaning saves you money

Even though we offer great furnace repair rates in the Calgary area, we recommend regular furnace maintenance and cleaning. After all, it is best to avoid going without heat whenever possible! Our highly-trained professional HVAC team can add a few extra years onto the life of your furnace, delaying the purchase of a new unit and the costs of installation. The area where you will save the most money from furnace maintenance is on energy. Calgary isn’t known for its friendly weather, especially in the winter, so your furnace is hard at work each day keeping your house warm as the snow piles up outside. A heating unit that is properly maintained and cleaned will run far more efficiently, helping you save money each month on your heating bills.

Furnace inspections/maintenance

A thorough furnace inspection is sometimes all you need to avoid costly repairs, emergencies, or replacements down the road; in fact, regular inspection and maintenance can extend the life of your furnace for years. The small price you pay for a pair of trained eyes is well worth the cost, especially when considering the thousands in repairs that you might pay should something go wrong. We will look for leaks, clean the unit, check lines and coils, lubricate the motor, and inspect anything else necessary to make sure your furnace lasts longer. The more preventative maintenance and furnace cleaning you get for your unit, the longer it will last.

Furnace repairs

The last thing you want to happen in the dead of the Calgary winter is to come home to a frozen house, flip the switch, and realize your furnace isn’t working. Our trained furnace repair professionals can have your furnace back up and running in no time. We serve all makes and models, and have decades of combined experience. We will get your heat back on ASAP.

New furnace installation

Whether it’s due to age or malfunction, there will come a time when you need a new furnace – especially in older homes. JPS Heating and Air Conditioning gets the job done right the first time so you don’t have any problems down the road. We will get you a brand new, fully-functioning, energy-efficient model, and have it put in right away. The energy savings and peace of a mind that a brand new furnace brings is well worth it. If you are looking for professional furnace services in Calgary, there is no better company to go with than the city’s most trusted name in residential HVAC services. We can inspect, repair, clean, or replace your furnace quickly and professionally. Contact us today to find out more!

Timely Repairs

When your furnace breaks down during the winter, you need it fixed right away. JPS Furnace & Air Conditioning provides fast and reliable repair. We also offer comprehensive maintenance services that ensure your system runs well.

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Our technicians are available after hours to accommodate your needs and schedule. Whether your furnace needs to be serviced or replaced, our skilled technicians can fix it. Contact us today at 403-510-1204 to schedule an appointment.