Furnace Parts Replacement and Repair in Calgary

Your furnace works hard to keep your home comfortable and protected against environmental damage. At JPS Heating and Air Conditioning, we recognize the importance of your furnace. That’s why we offer the most comprehensive HVAC services in Calgary. We provide furnace installation and maintenance, as well as repair and replacement for individual furnace parts.

We offer 12 Years parts/ 12 years labor warranty for all new Daikin furnace or air conditioning installations !

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Why Repair or Replace Individual Parts?

If something goes wrong with your furnace, you initial reaction may be to replace the entire unit. Removing an entire HVAC unit and installing a brand new one can cost you a pretty penny. It is also a complicated process that may cause disruptions in your everyday life. Before turning to this last resort, consider having individual parts of your furnace repaired and replaced.

Repairing or replacing individual furnace parts is a much faster and less disruptive way to solve your furnace issues. There’s no reason to scrap the entire unit if there’s only one part that’s not working. Having individual parts repaired or replaced is the cost-effective and efficient way to keep your furnace working like new.

Easily Repairable or Replaceable Furnace Parts

Most parts of your furnace can be easily repaired or replaced without causing damage to the rest of the unit. Air filters, for instance, can be cleaned to prevent dirt and debris from become clogged. This will improve the quality of the air being circulated by your furnace, helping you to breathe easy. These filters will need to be replaced every so often to maintain healthy air quality.

Individual parts such as the burner assembly, the ignition and the heat exchanger need to be cleaned and well-lubricated in order to keep working efficiently. A professional inspection of your HVAC unit can determine what parts need to be repaired.

Enjoy Your Furnace for Years to Come

At JPS Heating and Air Conditioning, we believe that your furnace should last you for a long time. Regular maintenance and parts replacement will increase the longevity of your furnace, so you can have a comfortable and warm home for many years to come. For professional furnace parts services in the Calgary area, contact us at JPS Heating and Air Conditioning today.

Timely Repairs

When your furnace breaks down during the winter, you need it fixed right away. JPS Furnace & Air Conditioning provides fast and reliable repair. We also offer comprehensive maintenance services that ensure your system runs well.

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Our technicians are available after hours to accommodate your needs and schedule. Whether your furnace needs to be serviced or replaced, our skilled technicians can fix it. Contact us today at 403-510-1204 to schedule an appointment.