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Is Your Air Conditioner Giving You a Headache? (Literally or Figuratively?)

s your air conditioner giving you a headache?

If you suffer from a splitting headache when the AC turns on, you’ll want to schedule an AC inspection as soon as possible. If you can’t determine the cause of your pain, your physical headache can lead to a figurative headache if you end up needing total AC replacement. While it’s impossible to remotely diagnose why your AC is giving you a headache, there are 3 main reasons for the pain:

Excessive Noise

Although you might not think your AC is loud, older units usually have a constant hum. For some, migraines can be triggered by repetitive, low-decibel sounds. If your unit is old and making a racket, it could be time to upgrade. New units are extremely quiet and could provide the relief you need from constant headaches.

Dirty Air Filters

Air filters have to be inspected and replaced regularly. Depending on your filter and habits, they should be looked at monthly and replaced every 30 to 60 days. When an air filter is neglected, there’s usually a buildup of debris, pollutants and allergens that could be dispersed throughout the home. Once these contaminants are circulated, they could cause severe headaches in individuals who are allergen-sensitive.

Change in Humidity and Temperature

Some people are extremely sensitive to a drop in humidity or abrupt change in temperature that can cause them severe head pain. To avoid an air conditioner headache, make sure to keep yourself well hydrated and try to avoid abrupt temperature/humidity changes. Instead of keeping the AC on all day, turn the unit on when you get home and allow your body to slowly adjust to the change in temperature/humidity.

If you find you suffer from AC headaches, it’s best to invest some time and money to find the underlying cause before you have another headache on your hands—expensive AC repair bills!

If you’re in need of air conditioner repair, schedule your AC service call today!

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