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JPS has been installing and servicing in the Calgary for over a decade! Let our trusted experts help you find your ideal air conditioning system.

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Our home comfort experts will visit your home and help you find your ideal cooling solution based on:

  • Your home’s size
  • Key features of your home
  • Your personal needs

We offer many different Daikin models and will choose the right equipment for your home to save you money in the short and long term.

Why trust JPS?

Certified and Trusted in Calgary: Installing and servicing in your neighbourhood for over a decade.

Quality Assurance Inspector: Only company in the Calgary that sends out an inspector after each and every installation to ensure perfection and complete satisfaction.

Premier Dealer Status: Awarded for maintaining high quality and great customer service.

Satisfaction Guarantee: Money-back guarantee for all new installations.

Family Owned Business: Our family business is dedicated to serving your families homes.

Live Customer Support: A real, live person answering your calls – no automated systems.


Call us directly at: (403) 510-1204

“Thank you, JPS, for your brilliant ComfortClub plan – it saved me hundreds of dollars. Just as the heat wave started rolling in our a/c decided to stop working. It wasn’t going to cool any longer. After JPS’s mechanics did a leak test on the evaporator coil they quickly determined there was a leak. Without a ComfortClub plan the coil repair would have been quite costly, but due to our small yearly investment we saved…Thank you so much.” – Candice

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