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Promote Energy Efficiency with your Air Conditioning this Summer

There are many ways to promote energy efficiency at home, and your air conditioning system is one of the biggest ways to start! We hear many stories from our customers about how they use their air conditioners, and more often than not, it’s costing them a lot more to keep their homes cool than necessary! So, we’d like to help you out by sharing some of our best tips to save energy through your cooling system all summer long.

  • Clean or Replace Air Conditioner Filters

Filters become clogged with dirt and debris over time and don’t allow air to flow through as easily as it could, which in turn makes your unit run harder than it should. By cleaning or replacing your filters, you all your system to run better and therefore increase its efficiency.

  • Keep your Unit Unobstructed

Avoid placing objects or shrubs and other foliage up against or around your air conditioner. This will not only help to increase its airflow and maintain its cleanliness, it will also prevent pests from trying to make your unit their new home.

  • Invest in a Programmable or Smart Thermostat

A programmable thermostat will allow you to preset your temperature in advance so you can take advantage of saving energy while you’re sleeping or when you’re not home. Turn your thermostat up as high as you can stand (while still staying comfortable cool!) and see results on your energy bills. Alternately, a smart thermostat will learn your activity—even differentiate between weekly and weekend schedules—and adjust your home’s temperature for you, making it one of the top ways to promote energy efficiency all summer.

  • Move Furniture

If your furniture is blocking any of your air conditioning vents, your home will take much longer to cool off and thus force your air conditioner to work significantly harder and use more energy.

  • Schedule Professional Air Conditioning Service

Last but definitely not least, schedule proper air conditioner maintenance with a JPS Furnace & Air Conditioning licensed technician to enjoy the full benefits of an energy efficient air conditioner.

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Our experts will thoroughly clean your system, make any adjustments as needed and spot any repairs or problems in advance so you can avoid troublesome breakdowns later. There’s no better way to keep your air conditioner at its prime energy efficiency, your utility bills will thank you for it!

JPS Furnace & Air Conditioning is proud to be serving Calgary for over a decade!

Contact us today to book an air conditioning tune-up appointment and keep your home efficient this upcoming summer.

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