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Need A Furnace Repair in Calgary? | Follow these steps first

When it comes to furnace breakdowns and furnace repairs in Calgary it can feel like there’s an imaginary clock counting down until your home freezes.

Now although it can get extremely cold here it’s unlikely that your home’s pipes will freeze in such a short period of time.

In fact, one can actually do a complete furnace replacement in the middle of the coldest winter without the home dropping more than a few degrees.

So if you’re REALLY worried about your home’s temperature dropping simply turn on the fireplace, the oven and some space heaters and you’re home will be just fine.

Rarely is there such thing as a convenient time for a furnace to breakdown. It always seems to happen while you’re away from your home, or in the middle of the night or even worse…. Christmas eve.

So if this is the case for you, check out some of the following common furnace repairs that can get your unit up and running and potentially save you $100’s of dollars on your next furnace service call.

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Common D.I.Y Furnace Repairs and Furnace Troubleshooting

1. Check the Furnace Filter

This may seem like common sense but it is definitely more common than one might think. In order for a furnace system to work properly, it has to have proper air flow.

Without this flow due to a potentially clogged filter, a furnace can overheat causing the unit to short cycle or fire the high temp limit switch. Basically, this means your furnace is overheating and causing an internal safety switch to turn off your furnace.

As a homeowner, you may experience your furnace coming off and on repeatedly. Generating heat for maybe a few minutes but then off again.

Check your filter and replace it if it dirty or clogged.

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Consumer Choice Award Winner 2020

With An Unbeatable 5-year Warranty on All Furnace Repairs

2. Check The Breaker

A furnace is not meant to last forever so what can happen on older units is they start to short circuit. This can be caused by a variety of reasons but usually, the age of the unit is a big reason, and this would require a qualified furnace repair technician to take a look at your unit.

The best way to check is to go to your electrical panel in your home and look for a breaker labeled HVAC or furnace. Make sure it is in the on position, if this is the culprit flip it to the “ON” position and wait to see if the same issue arises.

If it happens again it’s time to call your local Calgary Furnace Repair Company.

3. Check the furnace switch in the furnace room

If you’ve looked around your furnace room you may have noticed a switch on the walls or possibly ceiling near your unit.

This will look just like a regular light switch in your home. Sometimes this switch can be accidentally bumped into and flipped to the “OFF” position.

This is common and sometimes happens when someone is simply looking for the light switch for the storage area, or sometimes even kids come in and out turning switches off and on.

Double check and make sure this unit is in the on position.

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4. Check Flue Outside To Ensure It Isn’t Blocked Or Iced Up

Very similar to the point made above, airflow is extremely important for a furnace unit to run properly. A home’s furnace will produce moisture due to the furnace unit heating up, this excess moisture is released through the flue which pushes it outside.

When it’s extremely cold out, as it can get here in Calgary, this flue will actually release moisture in the form of steam.

Over time this can begin to freeze up and can eventually cause ice to build up and it can restrict the air flow from the furnace.

Since the furnace can’t release this excess moisture from the home it will fire it’s safety mechanisms and stop the furnace from turning on.

To check if this is the problem, head outside of your home and look for some pipes sticking out of your home. Most likely these are PVC pipes and if it’s cold out you should see the steam released from these units.

Double check and make sure there is no ice buildup around the pipe and be sure there is no snow buildup that could restrict this air flow.

If there is ice simply give it a couple of light hits to break up the ice and clear the air flow.

5. Furnace Humidifier Repairs Calgary – Check Humidifier For Summer/Winter

In Calgary, Summer and Winter are extreme opposites.

Summertime is warm, humid at times, and perfect for patios and relaxing. Winter, on the other hand, is cold and extremely dry. So many Calgary homes keep their indoor air quality consistent with humidifiers that are attached to their furnaces.

What many homeowners don’t know is that the humidifier should actually be turned off in the summer time as there is already enough moisture in the home. On the humidifier, there should be a switch from summer to winter.

If your humidifier is left on in the summer it can actually cause too much moisture buildup in the furnace. High humidity will actually make it feel hotter in your home.  If you have an air conditioning system this can make the coil actually freeze with the excess water.

Be sure to check and see if your humidifier is in the right position.

6. Check Thermostat Batteries

The dreaded thermostat batteries…. This may be one of the easiest furnace repair services and can also be one of the more embarrassing fixes.

It happens to the best of us but we recommend taking a look at your thermostat. If the batteries are dead or almost dead then the thermostat will have a hard time talking to your home’s furnace.

If you have a newer unit it may blink with a battery icon or might have something like “BATT” show up on the screen. These are clear indicators that the batteries need replacement.

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What Furnace Repairs Are The Most Common?

After thousands of furnace repair calls in Calgary typically there are a few common breakdowns that happen with most furnaces.

  • Faulty Ignitions
  • Broken Limit Switches
    These are the safety mechanisms your furnace uses to prevent overheating and ultimately prevent fires.
  • Furnaces Cycling Off And On Continually
    There are many things that can cause your furnace to cycle on and off. This is called short cycling. If this is happening to you check out our article
    Why does my furnace keep turning off and on?
  • Faulty Thermostats That Need Replacements
  • Loud or Unusual Noises
    This can be caused by a number of things. Loud bangs can be gas pressures building up and letting go. These are best to call an HVAC professional.
  • Clogged Drain Lines

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