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Ways to Help You Save Money This Winter

Calgary has some of the hardest winters in the country.  At the end of the season, just when you think the worst is over, your heating bill can throw you a curveball that you would not expect.  Even with the best equipment and top-of-the-line furnace, there are many places around the house that heat can escape through, and a big chunk of your money with it.  Here are some ways you can make sure every last bit of your heat is going to good use.

Seals on Doors and Windows

Most doors and windows, when they are installed, come with an industrial lining of rubber around the edge that acts as an air seal from the elements and weather outside your home.  Sometimes, over time, these seals can become worn down and broken.  When seals are broken, warm air can trickle out through the cracks in your doors or windows to be quickly replaced by cold air from the outside.

Take a few minutes to go around your home and check to see if any of these seals need repair or replacing. Your wallet will thank you for it later.

Manage Unused Rooms

Sometimes it can be as easy as closing doors to save money on heating.  Chances are, certain areas of your house will heat faster and easier than other areas of your house.  By closing the doors to each area of the house, like the living room, the kitchen, the dining room, and others, you can keep heat where it needs to be instead of letting it dissipate throughout the house unevenly where it will not be of any use.

Taking these little extra steps can go miles to saving you money at the end of the winter when the heating bill arrives.  Don’t let winter get the best of you!  Stay smart, and stay warm.

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