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Danger - cracked heat exchanger

Beware of a Red Tag and a Cracked Heat Exchanger

A licensed heating and cooling technician has an extremely important job—to ensure your family’s safety. Many homeowners aren’t aware of how dangerous their furnaces can be. When a certified professional comes into your home, they’re obligated to check that your heating system is running safely. A warning tag (or red tag, as it’s commonly referred to) is issued whenever a licensed gas technician has identified a hazardous issue related to a natural gas line or appliance.

Carbon Monoxide Danger
The heat exchanger is the heart of the furnace and is where heat is transferred from one liquid to another. Sometimes, a heat exchanger can crack and there is a danger that carbon monoxide can escape. Not only can this odorless, colourless and lethal gas escape into the surrounding area, it can be pushed further into your heating system and then distributed throughout your home.

To prevent a tragedy, when a heating and cooling specialist identifies a cracked heat exchanger with possible carbon monoxide leak, they’ll issue a red tag on the furnace.

Type A Tag – When the risk to you and your family is immediate, a technician will issue an A Tag. This warning tag / red tag will necessitate that the natural gas is immediately turned off and that you’ll have to repair or replace your heat exchanger before it can be turned on again.

Type B Tag – If a technician spots a problem that is not an immediate safety hazard, they’ll issue a B Tag. Once this warning tag / red tag is issued, your natural gas supplier will be notified and you’ll have a specific amount of time to rectify the issue before your natural gas is turned off.

Scheduling yearly furnace maintenance can help keep your heating system running efficiently and safely. During an annual inspection, a certified professional will take steps to keep your furnace running at its peak performance and inspect it.

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