magazine_page_history11Keeping the Calgary Area cool for over a decade!

When you’ve placed your hard earned reputation on the line with each equipment installation, you’d better be sure you’re selling only the most reliable and efficient air conditioners.

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What you can expect?

A team of licensed, qualified and highly trained HVAC technicians to install your cooling system. We install your air conditioner systems the right way the first time, no cutting corners, and only use the best quality products to ensure longevity of your new installation.

Exclusive money back guarantee if you are not totally satisfied with your new cooling system.

Protection and warranty plans that are most suitable for your home comfort needs.

What makes us so great?

First of all, our goal is simple, but effective: to give each and every customer the respect, service and care they deserve. We pride ourselves in really getting to know our customers and their particular needs. We’re not just here to give people a generic level of service. We work hard to get to a place where we can anticipate our customers’ needs and surpass their expectations.

At the end of the day, we are a family organization that serves families and their businesses. That’s why we truly understand how to give our customers the best service they’ll ever get in the industry. My vision for JPS Furnace & Air Conditioning is to continue to focus on providing genuinely exceptional service for all our customers.

“I say this with utmost sincerity: I thought I knew what great customer service was, but then we experienced service with JPS. We were shopping around for air conditioning services and decided to go with JPS because they offered the best value, and because we knew from our first meeting that we would be taken care of by going with them. We weren’t wrong: our installation appointment was booked and completed in a timely manner, the installation itself was neat, tidy and well done; we were paranoid about potential damage to our finished basement but our worries turned out to be unfounded; our installation technician was knowledgeable, precise and thorough in explaining everything we needed to know. James really does make you feel like a valued customer, everyone knows what they’re doing and any concerns we had were followed up with and addressed in a timely manner. They took care of everything, even registering our unit with the manufacturer for the warranty. We couldn’t have had a better experience, in fact, I really wish more companies treated their customers the way JPS treated us. They’ve certainly set a new standard for us and we’ll certainly be recommending them to everyone we know!

” – Jennifer Mutheardy

Call us directly at: (403) 510-1204

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