Hot Water Tanks in Calgary

Upgrade your hot water tank and feel the difference!

The Benefits of Choosing Bradford White Hot Water Tanks in Calgary

Extremely Durable Enamel lining and Coating that Protects Against Corrosion

Each tank comes with a superior, durable, corrosion-resistant, and long-lasting lining. Bradford White created Vitraglas™ and effectively set the standard for glass-lining protection. Vitraglas™is one of many important innovations from Bradford White and another reason Bradford White is “Built to be the Best.”

Hydrojet® Total Performance System

Instead of just supplying more water to the tank, it stirs the water with a series of flow-altering jet ports. These ports create counter-rotation and dynamic turbulence that effectively blasts sediment into suspension and prevents its accumulation. Sediment buildup is the main killer of water heater life. But Bradford White’s patented Hydrojet® system is an innovation that reduces sediment—and does much more.

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Hot Water Tanks Designed For Your Calgary Home

Calgary is known to have drastic changes in weather and temperature. What you don’t want in your home is dramatic changes in water temperature.

That’s why we use only the best hot water tanks for our installations. Our hot water tanks are designed to maintain consistent hot water temperature with it’s Hydrojet Total Performance System.

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Trust JPS Furnace & Air Conditioning With More Than Your Furnace

We pride ourselves on providing only the highest quality equipment when it comes to your furnace and ac system but we don’t stop there.

It’s important to invest in a hot water tank system that is built to last. Our Bradford White tanks provide hot water in your home fast, reliably and efficiently. No matter the situation, you can trust us for Complete Peace Of Mind Hot Water Tank Replacements in Calgary.

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We are proud to be considered a Top-rated Company in Calgary. We guarantee our work, our products, and our service to provide an unbeatable process and we continue to strive for the absolute best!

Bundle Your Hot Water Tank With Calgary’s Best Furnace System

Hot Water Tanks Calgary

Calgary’s Best Furnace Warranties, Guaranteed!

Up To 20 Years Of Coverage On Your Furnace System

We back our furnace services by the absolute Best Warranty in Calgary, guaranteed. With A Manufacturer backed 12-year parts and labour & JPS Furnace & Air Conditioning Signature 20 Year Lifetime Unit replacement guarantee you will be completely taken care of.

 Get Discounted Annual Tune Ups With Select New Furnace Installs

Aftercare Maintenance Plans

Not only do we back our furnace installations with leading guarantees, JPS Furnace & Air Conditioning offers our customers our complete AfterCare Club Package. This includes annual maintenance discounts, furnace filter replacements and more. See why thousands of Calgarians choose JPS for their Furnace Replacements.

Save Up To 60% On Your Energy Bills

Save More With Calgary’s Best High Efficiency Furnaces

Our Premium Daikin furnaces operate with up to 98% efficiency. This means the absolute most savings on your home energy bills. Our Furnaces offer maximum comfort by maintaining consistent temperature all year long. No More High Energy Bills.

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