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If you have been looking for a better, more efficient way to cool your condo, apartment, or townhome in Calgary consider our specifically designed condo air conditioning units. Our Ductless Condo air conditioning and heating systems can give you the comfort you long for – efficiently and quietly. Installation is simple and fast. No need for added ductwork, repainting or patching.

Best New Condo Air Conditioner units Calgary

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Affordable Pricing and Low Operating Costs – Only $46/Month

At only $46/month its one of the easiest and quickest ways to start enjoying those hot summer days. Not to mention these units are highly efficient which means no big surprise energy bills for you. Contact us today to learn more about financing a new A/C Unit.

Condo Air Conditioner Options. Cooler Than Ever Before!

Quiet Operation

These Air Conditioners are designed with condo owners in mind. Our High-efficiency A/C runs much quieter than a start rumbling central system so you won’t have to worry about bothering your neighbours and can finally enjoy peace and quiet without the cost of a hot apartment.

Increase Your Condo Value

Getting the most value for your condo can be difficult in Calgary’s changing real estate market. One way to improve and retain the value of your condo is to have an added feature that many others don’t.

Easy To Install

No need to worry about big clunky air conditioners for your condo or apartment. Get an easy to install condo A/C unit. Our service comes with complete peace of mind, with our expert installers and an efficient process we will be completed on time with no mess left in your home.


There are countless benefits to having an A/C unit, from better air quality to helping you breathe easier & removing allergens and pollutants. Not to mention cooler temperatures help you sleep better at night. No more dry eyes from running fans all night. 

Ductless Air Conditioner Calgary

Condo A/C Replacement Services

Do you have an older system already installed? Don’t worry we offer a variety of services including repairs and replacements of older systems.  We can get you up and running quick and efficiently no matter the A/C brand.

Best Central Air Conditioner For Condos, Apartments & Townhomes

If you are looking for the best air conditioner for your condo, apartment or townhome look no further. We know space can be limited in your condo, that is why our AC units are designed ergonomically to take up little to no space in your home. Condominiums can have strict rules regarding home upgrades, however, our condo air conditioners are specifically designed to meet condo board rules and regulations.

Best Air conditioning units for condo apartment and townhomes

7-Time Consumer Choice Award Winner 2022

“JPS Furnace and Air is absolutely fantastic!!!! We just had them install a split A/C unit in our heritage loft style condo. From the initial call through Jamie, then the estimate (Mike) to the installation specialist (Emilio) the whole process was extremely professional. The nicest people you could deal with. True experts in their respective fields. They love the company they work for and it shows in their pride of work. Emilio was so nice, courteous and skilled in his work. It was somewhat challenging due to having 3ft heritage brick to drill through! The  unit is whisper quiet. We can’t even tell it’s on. It is super efficient and looks great. Very compact and unobtrusive. We run a small service based business and we are so thrilled when we find another company with the same level of service. We can’t recommend them enough!!!!!!”

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