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Why You Need To Hear It Before You Buy It.

Modern air conditioners are 3 times quieter and waaaay smaller.

Contrary to popular belief, not all AC’s are the same.

Over the last decade air conditioners have evolved very quickly for a number of reasons. A demand for more sustainable energy usage is becoming increasingly important, from electric cars to solar roofs. As over 40% of your home’s energy consumption comes from it’s HVAC system, it’s no wonder there has been a push for more efficient air conditioners.

Old air conditioning units only had an all on or all off feature to them. This means they guzzled electricity and were very loud unlike modern AC systems that use inverter technology to slowly ramp up or down usage as needed.

This is why we created the showroom at JPS Furnace & Air Conditioning. A place where you can finally see, hear, and experience what you buy before it’s too late…..

Avoid Buyers Remorse

Speaking of too late…Nothing is worse than moving forward with a company to find out that the AC you bought is extremely loud, takes up all the space on the side of your home and ruins your backyard bbqs and family get-togethers.

Or worse… it’s your neighbours home and their “new” air conditioner now keeps you up at night because it is outside of your bedroom window.

Add a $5000 bill to that and you can understand why homeowners have such poor experiences and buyers remorse on their AC’s.

Why should you hear it before you buy it with JPS Furnace & Air Conditioning?

The Showroom

At JPS Furnace & Air Conditioning we want to provide you with the best experience in Calgary by showing you exactly what you are buying before you do.

Our fully functional showroom has both a traditional cube style systems and our new eco-slim inverter system side by side, so you can hear for yourself what 3 times quieter really is.

Smaller than traditional units

Not only is our eco-slim packages quieter, they take up nearly half the space on the side of your home, and are one of the most efficient air conditioners on the market. Old traditional cub style air conditioners need more clearance from the side of your home, occupying more space on the side of your home. Inverter systems, also known as side discharge unit, can tuck in as close as 4 inches to the side of your home, perfect for zero lot lines and taking back your space.

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