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Keep Your Indoor Air Clean All Year Long

This past November, Canadians observed National Lung Month and supported those who live with chronic lung disease. It was also a time to educate ourselves about how to maintain good lung health and what we can do proactively to breathe better. As November and National Lung Month wraps up, we at JPS Heating want to help you explore the ways you can improve your home’s environment and keep your indoor air clean all year ‘round.

Poor indoor air quality brings a slew of adverse health effects along with it, like asthma and severe allergies, which can seriously affect children or older adults. We’ve compiled some tips than can help you breathe better all year long and promote a healthy environment in your home!

  • Natural Cleaning Supplies

A lot of the stuff you buy to clean your house actually contains a lot of harsh chemicals that can be harmful to lungs with repetitive use and inhalation. Switch to natural cleaning supplies that do not contain noxious chemicals or try your hand at making your own at home.

  • Vacuum Floors & Upholstery

You likely already vacuum and mop your floors and clean your surfaces regularly to remove dust, but upholstery holds a lot of dust too! Vacuum and deep clean rugs and upholstery when possible to remove the dust that has settled deep into the fabric.

  • Check for mold in areas that experience dampness often, like under bathroom tiles. Mold is very harmful for your lungs and promotes allergies and lung disease. You can invest in a moisture meter that will let you know when there is too much moisture in your home so you can properly ventilate and avoid mold growth.
  • Consider adding indoor air quality solutions to your home – environmental conditions can play a big part! In Calgary, we experience Chinook winds that can make the quality of the air difficult to predict.
    • You should ensure that your air filters are kept clean and replaced accordingly whenever they get too dirty and can no longer provide your home with clean air.
    • You can also invest in an indoor air purifier, which will clean contaminants from the air in your home and be especially beneficial for allergy sufferers or for reducing any second hand smoke that may be present.

You can learn more about National Lung Month and the initiatives of the Canadian Lung Association here.

For more information on how you can improve your home’s indoor air quality, contact us today! We’re always happy to help.

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