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Is Your Furnace Ready For Winter?

Winter here means icy roads, howling winds, and temperatures low enough to send even the hardiest Albertans running to the safety of their warm home. For many of us, that warmth inside is provided by a hardworking furnace that comfortably and quietly heats your home without issue. Making sure your furnace is ready for winter not only keeps you safe from emergencies during the cold weather, it provides a few other benefits that you’ll want to know about.

How do I get it ready for winter?

Although it is already getting cold outside, the dog days are still to come. There is still time for you to prepare your system. The best way to do this is by getting a professional company to come out and give both your furnace and ducts a thorough cleaning. Over the past year, dirt and other nasty things have piled up in your ductwork and gotten into the inner workings of your furnace. Getting them cleaned out and the unit thoroughly inspected will go a long way to keeping your home and your bank account safe from harm this winter.

What are the benefits of cleaning my furnace?

The benefits of a thorough cleaning go far beyond preparing the system for the cold weather to come. Some benefits of cleaning your furnace also include:

  • Better air quality – the air inside your home can quickly become stale and polluted with allergens. In fact, medical studies show that a large portion of sicknesses are triggered by indoor air quality. Since you will probably be stuck inside a lot this winter, this should be very important. A thorough cleaning will ensure that the air you and your family are breathing is clean and healthy.
  • Improved system efficiency – when your furnace is dirty it means that the parts need to work harder to produce the same effect, and the ducts don’t let as much air through. The harder your system works the less efficient it becomes. Not only that, but it will hurt the longevity of the unit if you let it go.
  • Savings – everyone is looking to cut back on bills during the winter. The amount of money you save each month is well worth what you pay for the cleaning. Since the system won’t use as much energy, you won’t pay as much money. It’s as simple as that.

How To Test Your Home Thermostat

As you bid goodbye to the cooling breezes of summer and welcome the warm embrace of your heating system, make sure to switch your thermostat from cooling to heating. Set the temperature slightly above the current room warmth. If the inviting hum of the heater doesn’t reach your ears within a minute, you’ll need to inspect your furnace. Ensure that the power source to the HVAC system is active. Look for any blinking lights that could indicate an error code. If there’s no sign of life, inspect components like the furnace fan or blower. But if things still seem bleak, perhaps it’s time to call in a specialist – like the trusted professionals at JPS Heating and Air Conditioning.

Protecting You AC Condenser For the Winter

Unless you’re utilizing a heat pump – which needs to remain uncovered due to its year-round operation – consider shielding your AC unit from potential threats like falling icicles. A helpful tip from one of our service specialists suggests using something like a large trash can lid, fastened securely with bungee cords, as a makeshift protector. If you’re thinking about using a board to cover the fan, go for it. But remember, it’s best to avoid wrapping it in plastic tarps, as these can trap moisture and cause more harm than good.

Safety First with Carbon Monoxide Detectors

As we emphasize the comfort of warmth, it’s equally vital to prioritize safety. Regularly inspecting and testing your carbon monoxide detectors is imperative. Labeled the “silent killer,” carbon monoxide can pose serious risks, and these detectors are your first line of defence.

Finding the right company with a dedication to customer service is the next most important thing you can do. JPS Heating and Air Conditioning is Calgary’s go-to heating services provider.

Getting your furnace ready for winter in Calgary is our speciality.

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