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JPS – The 4 HVAC Ratings All Homeowners Need to Know

I find that learning the best ways to keep your home energy efficient is the most effective way to help you save money. It’s also a way to help the environment by lowering your carbon footprint. You’re likely aware that your HVAC (heating, ventilation, air conditioning) system is responsible for the majority of your energy usage, but how can you keep your system more efficient? And how exactly is efficiency rated? I’ve got you covered today with some of the HVAC ratings that all homeowners need to know!

Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency – AFUE
This is how your furnace’s fuel efficiency is rated, but this rating does not take into account how much electrical energy is required to run the other aspects of your furnace like the controls, pump or fan. However, the higher the AFUE rating, the more efficient your furnace runs. This rating is found on your unit’s EnerGuide label here in Canada.

British Thermal Unit – BTU
This unit of measurement is the most popular way to measure your heating equipment. It is calculated according to how much heat is required to raise a pound of water by one degree. The higher the BTU of a furnace, the better its heating capacity (and thus it’s more efficient!)

Minimum Efficiency Reporting Value – MERV
A vital measurement when it comes to your HVAC’s air filter efficiency. It measures how capable said filter is at removing pollutants and various other particles from the air entering your home. It’s found according to what size of particles it can remove compared to the number of particles it removes. The higher the MERV value, the more efficient your air filter is.

Seasonal Energy Efficiency Rating – SEER
Summer may be over, but SEER is one of those HVAC ratings that you need to know year-round. It’s used to compare air conditioner efficiency and is found by dividing the total cooling output in a cooling season by the total electrical output in that same cooling season. The higher the SEER, the more efficient your air conditioner.

Learn About What SEER Means

The units that make up your HVAC should work together as efficiently as possible to keep your home comfortable while saving you money on your energy bills. JPS Furnace & Air Conditioning carries a great variety of efficient models that I’m always happy to help you choose what works for you best.

Contact us today for more information and stay energy efficient this upcoming winter season.

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