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Keep Your HVAC System Pest Free

It’s important to keep your HVAC system pest free. Rodents, birds and insects can wreak havoc on your heating and cooling system if they find a way inside. Sometimes, you’ll know you have a problem when you hear (or smell) them in your system. Other times, you won’t know critters are living in your units until they cause irreparable damage and you’re faced with a system breakdown.

We’ve put together the most common ways critters get in and some helpful tips to keep your HVAC system pest and problem-free!

Install Flue and Vent Covers

HVAC exhaust leaves your home through flues while air enters your home through fresh air intake vents. Since both components are on the outside of your home, they’re popular entry points for pests. Make sure both have appropriate covers or screens to prevent unwanted houseguests from getting into your HVAC system.

Seal Ducts

Once pests get into your air ducts, they have free reign and will be able to get into any room of your home. Since the ducts distribute all the heated and cooled air in your house, any contaminant left by the rodents will be dispersed throughout the home as air blows through. Keep critters out by ensuring that air ducts are properly sealed.

Keep Air Conditioner Condenser Clear

While many people try to hide their air conditioner condenser by planting bushes or plants around it, you actually want to keep it clear. Shrubbery will attract pests and they could damage your system by chewing or scratching different condenser components.

The best way to keep your HVAC system pest free and ensure no unwanted guests damage your equipment is to have annual heating and cooling maintenance. Technicians can ensure your home comfort system is clean, damage-free and not susceptible to pests and critters.

At JPS Furnace & Air Conditioning, our goal is simple: to give each and every customer the respect, service and care they deserve. Trust us with your next HVAC repair, service or installation and see why we were awarded the 2016 Consumer Choice Award.

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