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Protect Air Conditioners During Storms with these Tips!

Calgary and Chestermere can see some intense summer storms—we’re no strangers to flooding, lightning storms and high-speed winds. While we can’t always control Mother Nature, there are steps that can be taken to protect air conditioners during storms. Spend some time in your backyard and ensure that you’ve done everything you can to keep your AC safe and secure.

Ensure there’s Adequate Draining Around Condenser

The outdoor part of an air conditioner—the condenser—is built to withstand the elements. Electronics are protected from driving rain and can withstand a hailstorm; however, they can be damaged from floodwater that penetrates the core of the unit.

To help protect air conditioners from floodwater, ensure that there’s adequate drainage around the unit and any runoff water from gutters is directed away from the condenser. If there’s a risk of localized flooding during a storm, turn off the air conditioner and have a certified professional inspect the unit if the flooding reached the condenser.

Turn off the AC During Electrical Storms

To protect air conditioners from lightning strikes, you’ll require surge protectors, lightning rods and a bit of luck. A direct lightning strike to the condenser can destroy the sensitive electronics, but thankfully direct hits are rare. The best way to protect air conditioners during electrical storms is to turn off the unit, keeping it safe until the threat of the storm has passed.

Clear Yard of Debris
One of the biggest threats to condensers is debris that crashes into the unit during high-speed windstorms. Survey your yard to identify items that could be dangerous and take steps to protect your AC, like cutting down dead tree limbs.

We can’t control the weather, but there are steps that can be taken to protect air conditioners during summer storms. If you’re worried that your air conditioner was damaged during a recent storm, contact us to schedule an inspection.

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