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Spring Heating and Cooling Tips

Winter is leaving us and spring is arriving. It’s an exciting time for saving money on your energy bill, as the heating can be reduced until summer comes along and the need for cooling your home begins.

However, sometimes it can be a little hard to gauge how to heat your home during the spring season – especially when the weather is swinging been warmer and cooler days.

Here are some tips on how to manage your home temperature:

Let Cool Air In and Keep Heat Out

Do you find your home heats up during the day, and at night its cooler outside but the heat has uncomfortably built up inside?

TIP: During the day, shut your blinds and curtains to retain cool air. This will keep your inner temperature more stable and avoid heat build-up. When you sleep, open the window and let your home naturally ventilate.

In the morning, you can adjust your thermostat’s temperature to be warmer or cooler based on if you’re staying home or if you’re leaving for work.

This promotes energy efficiency and is a flexible way for you to control the temperature in your home.

Keep Hot Air from Escaping

Maybe you’re in the opposite position. Do you find you’ve set your temperature to a reasonably warm temperature yet you’re still feeling chilly in different rooms inside your home?

Or are you keeping your windows closed yet experiencing severe spring allergies inside your home?

It’s highly possible that you could be having one or more air leaks in areas of your home.

TIP: Look into air sealing around cracks and openings around door and window frames. Caulking can be used for stationary areas in the home while weather stripping techniques can be used on regularly used doors and windows.

Reducing air leaks is cost-effective, can cut heating costs and when summer comes around, it can cut cooling costs too. It can also offer a return on investment in just a year or less.

When there’s an air-leak, there’s a higher chance for allergens to enter your home, and this can drastically impact indoor air quality.

Evaluating the areas of your home where these leaks are present will greatly increase your comfort and will undoubtedly help you both save money in all seasons throughout the year.

At JPS Furnace and Air Conditioning, we want the air quality of your home to be safe and enjoyable. Should you need any furnace or air conditioning maintenance or repairs, we are only a quick call away!

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