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Tips for Saving Energy during the Hotter Months

Whatever the time of year may be, we can always afford to be careful with how we use energy in our homes.  We are just as likely to blast the air conditioning in the summer as we are to blast the heat in the winter, and both are not very good practices for the environment – or our wallets.  Here are some tips and pointers on how to save money on your electricity this summer.

Use Windows to Get Cool Air and Keep out Hot Air

Most areas get significantly cooler at night. Turn off your air conditioning at night and open your windows to let in the cool air while you sleep.  Then, when you wake up in the morning, shutting your windows before it gets warm will help keep the house cool and also help you put off turning on the air conditioning for as long as you can.


Fans are your friend! They keep air moving and do not need to be left on when you leave a room or leave your house.  Fans are great for ventilation, and the only difference leaving them on all day makes is that your electricity bill gets higher.

Also, after you’ve taken a steamy bath or shower, turn on your bathroom fan to get the humidity out of your home.

Keep Your AC Running Efficiently

Make sure you have scheduled regular maintenance checks for your air conditioning system, and turn off appliances that generate heat – and this doesn’t just mean stoves or ovens.  Television monitors, and computers tend to emit heat when running for an extended period of time.  It can all add up to increasing the heat in your home.

Do this summer right with an air conditioning checkup from JPS furnace and Air Conditioning.

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