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furnace and AC increasing the value of a home

Increase Your Asking Price with a Furnace and Air Conditioning Replacement!

The Calgary real estate market continued its downward slide in 2016. The year ended with a 15% sales decline from the previous year and there was an overall decrease in the average selling prices of homes1. If you are planning on putting your house up for sale this year, ensure your HVAC system is a selling feature and not a liability. A furnace upgrade and air conditioning replacement can increase your asking price and help sell your home faster!

When the Calgary real estate market was hot, potential homeowners could not be picky about the state of the HVAC system and they certainty were not in a position to demand an air conditioning replacement or furnace upgrade. Now that the market has cooled, potential buyers are extremely selective and expect HVAC systems to meet certain stringent criteria:

Energy-Efficient – HVAC systems are one of the largest draws of power, so it’s imperative that you have high-efficiency equipment. Anything below 90% AFUE (Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency) should be replaced or many buyers will reduce their offers.

Reliable Equipment – Purchasing a home is expensive and buyers don’t want to spend money replacing appliances or home mechanical systems right after moving in. Having an updated furnace and air conditioning replacement will increase your asking price and valid warranties with plenty of protection time left on them will give potential buyers peace of mind.

Proof of Professional Installation and Maintenance – The HVAC system is an expensive and important part of a home, so many home buyers want to ensure that it was installed properly and professionally maintained yearly. As heating and cooling systems age, many homeowners lose important paperwork or stop investing in annual maintenance. If your HVAC system is old, improperly maintained or missing important paperwork, a furnace and air conditioning replacement can go a long way in increasing your selling price.

Make sure you will receive top dollar when selling your house. Contact us today to get a FREE quote on your furnace or air conditioning replacement for your home.

At JPS Furnace and Air Conditioning, our goal is simple: give each and every customer the respect, service and care they deserve. We offer an exclusive Satisfaction Guaranteed or Money Refunded promise with every installation.

1 Calgary Herald

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