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Langdon’s Best Hot Water Tanks And Tankless Water Heaters

Hot Water Heaters Designed For Your Langdon Home!

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JPS Furnace Has The Perfect Hot Water Solution For Your Langdon Home!

Your lifestyle is a big factor when it comes to the right water heater system for your home.

No matter your home’s size or needs we have a water heater solution for you. From traditional hot water tanks to industry leading tankless units, you can count on JPS Furnace & Air Conditioning for all of your heating, cooling and hot water needs.

Langdon's Best Tankless Water Heaters

The tankless unit provides consistent and endless hot water

Endless hot water with our dual stainless steel heat exchangers

ComfortFlow® which eliminates a sudden blast of cold water during your hot shower

Ultra condensing tankless technology

Up to 80%. smaller than tank water heaters

High-efficiency, up to 0.99 EF/0.97 UEF Up to 80% smaller than tank water heaters

Simpler retrofit with 2” PVC venting

One of the industry’s strongest warranties

NaviLink compatible

The Benefits of Choosing A Tankless Hot Water Heater

Stainless Steel Heat Exchanger Provides Endless Hot Water

Instead of a traditional 50-75 gallon tank where the water is kept hot, this tankless heats the water as needed. The water flows through a series of heat exchangers that give you the perfect temperature water while saving energy costs.

Smaller Space Saving Design

Instead of a large oversized hot water tank taking up precious square feet, these tankless units are designed to mount directly to the wall. Saving your home more space.

Last Longer

These units are designed to last longer, unlike a traditional hot water tank system. With more easily replaceable parts and overall low maintenance costs you no longer have to worry about replacing your entire hot water tank system every 10 years.

Traditional Hot Water Tanks vs Tankless Units

Langdon's best hot water tanks

Bradford White Tanks With Self-Cleaning Hydrojet System

Hydrojet Total Performance System (Self Cleaning)

Up to a 12 Year Warranty

Fast, Reliable & Efficient Hot Water

Extremely Durable Enamel lining and Coating that Protects Against Corrosion

Advanced Temperature Control For Consistent and Accurate Water Temperature

Defender Safety System Protects Your Family From Harmful Gas Vapours

12 years Unit Replacement Warranty For Body Leakage

The Benefits of Choosing A Bradford White Hot Water Tank

Extremely Durable Enamel lining and Coating that Protects Against Corrosion

Each tank comes with a superior, durable, corrosion-resistant, and long-lasting lining. Bradford White created Vitraglas™ and effectively set the standard for glass-lining protection. Vitraglas™is one of many important innovations from Bradford White and another reason Bradford White is “Built to be the Best.”

Hydrojet® Total Performance System

Instead of just supplying more water to the tank, it stirs the water with a series of flow-altering jet ports. These ports create counter-rotation and dynamic turbulence that effectively blasts sediment into suspension and prevents its accumulation. Sediment buildup is the main killer of water heater life. But Bradford White’s patented Hydrojet® system is an innovation that reduces sediment—and does much more.

How Much Does A Hot Water Tank Replacement Cost?

It’s important to invest in a hot water system that is built to last. Our Bradford White tanks and tankless solutions provide hot water in your home fast, reliably and efficiently. No matter the situation, you can trust us for complete peace of mind hot water systems in Langdon.

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