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Saving Money On Energy in the Summer

In the summer, most people aren’t as conscious about saving money and reducing their energy bill. When the sun is shining through the windows and living is easy, it’s easy to forget that we are spending more than we should on energy.

In addition, many people have their energy bill equalized so that they spend the same amount of money each month. What this means, is that if you aren’t spending significantly less in June than you did in December, you might have to pay a large lump sum at the end of your yearly bill cycle.

Ways That You Waste Energy Without Knowing It


Showers are great in the summer. We use them to cool down, get rid of dirt and sweat, and generally feel great. Showers also waste water, and if you are showering several times a day, this can cause your energy bill to spike.

Outdoor Lighting

You may have turned off the lights inside, but are you using outdoor lighting to enjoy those long summer nights? Look for Energy Star labelling to minimize your energy consumption and look for other energy efficient options, such as motion triggered lighting and solar powered lights.

Keeping it Cool

Your house is working just as hard to keep cool in the summer as it does to keep warm in the winter. The only difference is that now you are not helping it out as much. If you have the air conditioning on, close windows and doors. Remember to open fridge and freezer doors only briefly so that your appliances do not have to work doubly hard to keep cool.

Remember, keeping your electricity bill is equally important in the summer. Call us today if you want to install an air conditioning system or get more tips on how to save on energy this summer.

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