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Tips for Restarting Your Furnace

Winter is quickly approaching, which means you’ll soon be getting ready to restart your furnace. After months of inactivity, your furnace may have developed problems that it didn’t have last winter. Don’t wait until the coldest day of the year to reactivate your furnace—many home owners wait until the last minute to power up their furnaces and are met with unexpected damages that leave their home uncomfortably cold. Here are a few tips for restarting your furnace for the fall and winter season.

Check The Filter

Before running your furnace, check your filters to make sure they’re as clean as possible. Clean filters help your furnace run at peak efficiency, ensuring that the temperature in your home stays regulated all season long. Additionally, a thorough duct cleaning is crucial as it complements the clean filter in maintaining air quality, allowing optimal airflow, and preventing any unwanted particles from circulating within your home. The filter blocks dust, dirt, and debris from disrupting your furnace’s blower fan, the mechanism that redistributes the air in your home. Furnace filters can collect dust and dirt even when the furnace is not in use, so it’s important to have them, along with the ducts, cleaned at the beginning of the season to ensure the smooth functioning of your unit.

Consider Replacing Your Unit

There have been many advancements in furnace manufacturing in recent years—furnaces produces nowadays are much more efficient than models from even just a few years ago. A high-quality furnace has a lifespan of about 15 years—after that point, even if it’s still in good condition, will only perform at 60% efficiency on average. If you’ve been using the same furnace year after year, the fall is the best time to consider getting an upgrade before things start to get really cold.

Furnace maintenance and upkeep is important, especially at the beginning of the season. Have your furnace fully inspected and repaired early on in the fall to guarantee its safe and efficient functioning throughout the winter. For high quality furnace installation, maintenance and repair, trust the experienced and professional technicians at JPS Furnace and Air Conditioning in Calgary. Contact us today for more information about our home heating and cooling services.

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