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Alberta Furnace Rebates

Alberta Furnace Rebates | Complete Savings Guide

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Current Available Furnace Rebates in Alberta

In 2018, we introduced our clients to the exciting opportunities offered by Energy Efficiency Alberta’s rebates. Fast forward to today, the landscape of energy-efficient home improvements has evolved along with new available homeowner grants/rebates, notably with the Alberta Clean Energy Improvement Program (CEIP) and the Canada Greener Homes Grant (CGHG).

CEIP: Flexible Financing for upfront costs of energy efficiency and renewable energy upgrades

The CEIP, a Property Assessed Clean Energy style program introduced by the Alberta Provincial Government, allows homeowners in Calgary to adopt energy-efficient upgrades without initial costs. This program’s highlight is its focus on energy efficiency and renewable energy upgrades, including smart thermostats, high-efficiency heating systems, and more. The costs are recuperated through your property taxes, making these upgrades more accessible and financially manageable. Launched in January 2019, CEIP also aligns with Alberta’s commitment to reducing greenhouse gas emissions and stimulating local economies.

Eligible CEIP Upgrades

Eligible HVAC upgrades under the CEIP extend beyond basic improvements, allowing for advanced energy-saving options. These include high-efficiency heating systems like modern gas furnaces and boilers designed for superior energy utilization. The program also covers the installation of smart thermostats, which give more precise control over heating and cooling, further enhancing energy efficiency. The aim is to provide residential and commercial properties with sustainable, cost-effective heating and cooling solutions that significantly lower energy consumption and carbon footprint.

How Does CEIP Work?

The CEIP operates by allowing home owners to finance their energy upgrades through a unique arrangement where the costs are added to and repaid through their property taxes, making the process seamless and convenient.

Potential Savings with CEIP

The potential savings with the CEIP are notable, offering up to 100% financing of project costs, with competitive interest rates (2.95% for 2023), and long repayment terms of up to 20 years. Homeowners can repay in full anytime without penalty, and there’s an incentive of up to 10% of total project costs. The repayment is conveniently collected through the property tax bill. The CEIP process includes pre-qualification, an EnerGuide Home Evaluation, project application, agreement signing, project installation, upgrade completion, a post-project evaluation, and repayment through property tax.

For detailed steps and more information from the City of Calgary, please visit the Calgary CEIP website.

Canada Greener Homes Grant: Making Green Upgrades For Canadians More Affordable

The Canada Greener Homes Grant from the federal Canadian Government complements CEIP, offering substantial financial grants for various energy-efficient home improvements. For our HVAC-focused clientele, this includes grants for heat pump installations, water heating systems, and smart thermostats. This grant aims not only to make homes more energy-efficient but also to foster a sustainable living environment.

What is covered by Canada Greener Homes Grant for HVAC Products?

The CGHG offers financial support for HVAC upgrades, focusing on energy-efficient installations like heat pumps, water heaters, and smart thermostats, all aimed at reducing energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions.

Eligibility Requirements for CGHG

To be eligible for the CGHG, homeowners must own a property in Canada, provide proof of ownership, and ensure their property meets the program’s prerequisites, including the type of dwelling and intended upgrades.

Steps to be Approved for CGHG

The approval process for the CGHG involves a multi-step process: first, homeowners must register and get a pre-retrofit home evaluation, then complete the eligible upgrades, and finally, undergo a post-retrofit evaluation to validate the improvements.

Potential Savings with CGHG

The savings potential for homeowners with the Canada Greener Homes Grant (CGHG) range from $125 to $5,000 to cover a portion of the costs for eligible home retrofits, including specific HVAC products. Additionally, homeowners can receive up to $600 to offset the costs of pre- and post-retrofit EnerGuide evaluations, further reducing the costs associated with making these energy-efficient upgrades.

For a detailed understanding and specific guidelines on utilizing these rebates, please visit the Canada Greener Homes Grant website.

Combining Rebates for Maximum Benefit

By leveraging these programs, homeowners can significantly reduce the financial burden of upgrading to high-efficiency HVAC systems. At JPS Furnace & Air Conditioning, we are here to guide you through these opportunities, ensuring you maximize the benefits from both CEIP and CGHG.

Transform your home into a model of energy efficiency and comfort with our expert assistance and Alberta’s leading energy rebate programs. For more details on these rebates and how to apply them to your HVAC upgrade needs call JPS Furnace & Air Conditioning today.

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