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A+ Rating on the Better Business Bureau

JPS Furnace and Air Conditioning Ltd. is the proud holder of an A+ rating on the Better Business Bureau Review.  This means that we go above and beyond to meet the BBB Accreditation standards and have been doing so since the fall of 2013.

Points of Evaluation

The Better Business Bureau evaluates businesses through many varying elements and criteria.  The BBB looks at the number of complaints filed with a business and the nature of those complaints, whether those complaints have been resolved and, if so, how quickly they were resolved. They also consider the actual volume of complaints themselves.

The BBB also takes into account how long a business has been running, what type of business they are, how honest their advertising methods are, and whether or not they are translucent and ethical in their business practices.

After a thorough evaluation of our business practices and an in-depth look at our relationships with our customers, the BBB gave us an A+, the highest ranking available in their evaluation system.

What We Did Right

We always make sure that our clients and customers have everything they need and are completely satisfied with our service.  In the rare cases where our customers are not satisfied (which are few and far between) we respond as soon as possible to fix the problem and supply them with the full services that they paid for.  In addition to dealing with any issues quickly and in a hands-on way, we also receive an overwhelming amount of positive reviews from or customers – and not a single negative review on record!

We are confident in our ability to give you the best service possible, conducted by our very best professionals and skilled workers.  We wanted to share our positive ranking to let you know how appreciative we are that we get to serve Calgary area residents for as long as we have.

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