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What Temperature Should My Central Air Conditioning Be Set At

What Temperature Should My Central Air Conditioning Be Set At?

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What Temperature Should My Central Air Conditioning Be Set At?

After a long cold winter, nothing feels better than some warm sunshine rays and balmy weather. That is until your house becomes an oven, and everyone is begging for cool temperatures, buying fans in bulk at Costco, hopping into a nice cool river or simply just complaining. If it hasn’t happened yet trust us, it will.

Now you’re wondering well…

What Temperature Should My Central AC Be Set At?

And the real answer is, whatever feels most comfortable. Now you are probably thinking that’s not the answer I wanted in which case we will outline different temperatures for different weather, humidity, sleep, lifestyle and of course what about cost saving and not ringing up your ever-increasing energy bills.

What Is Considered Comfortable?

Once again that answer really depends, however, there are some big factors that affect whether you will feel comfortable and temperature isn’t the only one. Humidity is the biggest factor in how comfortable you’ll feel in your home. If you live in a dry climate like we do here in Calgary, Alberta humidity is not a huge concern since we simply don’t get much. However, if you have ever travelled to a humid climate in Mexico or maybe even just Vancouver you’ll notice a huge difference in what 30 degrees Celsius feels like.

This is because your body naturally cools itself by sweating and having that sweat evaporate. In a climate that is dry, it is much easier for this process to happen so 30 degrees in a dry temperature such as Alberta could be arguably cooler than 30 degrees in a humid temperature on the coast or Mexico.

Now back to what is considered comfortable? It is still 100% up to you and your home and what humidity is best. If you live in a humid climate a good de-humidifier can go a long way but feel free to check out great humidity control devices to be in complete control of your comfort.

What Is The Recommended Temperature Setting For Air Conditioning?

“What temperature should air conditioning be set at in summer”

Direct energy recommends keeping your home’s temperature set to 78 degrees f (25c) to get the most out of your electricity bills in the summer. Now is this perfect for everyone? Absolutely not. To us, it feels pretty warm. We usually keep our office at a nice 71 degrees (21.5c) and its perfect for us. At JPS Furnace & Air Conditioning we recommend this temperature for your home but in reality, everyone wants something different and the only way to tell in your home is to test while everyone is home. Somewhere between 70-77 degrees, Fahrenheit is a great starting point.

Does Changing Your Air Conditioning Temperature Affect You Energy Bills?

Of course, it does. The harder your ac has to work to cool your home can dramatically increase your energy bills. If you want to get the absolute most out of your energy bills there are a few things to keep in mind.

What Is The Most Efficient Temperature For Air Conditioning?

How hot before You’re Uncomfortable?

The simplest way to save money is to just keep your thermostat the highest temperature that you find comfortable with. Doing this will reduce how much cooler your home has to be and how much your central air conditioning unit has to work to keep it cool.

Your Homes Insulation Makes A Difference On Your Energy Bills.

Insulation works toward more than just keeping heat in your home in the winter. It also keeps the heat out in the summer and keeps the air cool on the inside. If you have an older home or simply just lack good insulation your energy bills can suffer. This is especially true when you turn on your home air conditioning unit. Your home will lose this cool temperature to the walls and roof. When the sun is beating off your asphalt shingles it can really heat up your home. Its no wonder you can fry an egg on shingles in the summer.

If You Don’t Close Your Windows You Might As Well Just Lose Your Wallet

If you have an air conditioning unit you better be sure to keep your windows closed. You may think “open the windows for fresh air” but that’s not exactly true. In reality, your homes furnace filter is what is keeping the air fresh and free of contaminants. Opening your windows lets the dust and dander and allergies from outside in. Your homes furnace motor will blow the air through the filter creating clean air and if the motor runs you will help reduce stagnant air.

Learn More about How Often You Should Change Your Furnace Filters

Opening and closing doors your exterior doors also can make a difference. Do you remember your parents as a child saying “close the door, we aren’t heating the outside” well the same goes for your home air conditioner system. This is why when you go to a big grocery store in the winter and summer there is always a double door system and a huge heater or AC Unit on the way in or out. This is to reduce energy costs when there is so much traffic. Most likely this isn’t practical for your home so keeping your windows and doors closed is your next best thing. Let your furnace filter and air conditioner do the work.

The Most Efficient Air Conditioner For Your Home!

HVAC is known to be one of the highest costs on your monthly energy bill. Usually, this number sits around 40% of your total bill. This Is why the system you choose to use for your air conditioning and even your furnace can make a world of a difference in your energy bills. At JPS Furnace & Air Conditioning we provide Daikin products. Daikin offers best-in-class warranties as well as up to 98% efficiency. This means for every dollar you spend on your HVAC system only 98% is being properly used for your Air Conditioning. When getting a New Air Conditioner be sure to check the efficiency of the units because many cheaper units have 90% or less. Over time you will start to lose money and no one ever wants that. We always recommend your local Daikin dealer for high-quality products.

The size of your air conditioner makes a difference.

Bigger is not better when it comes to air conditioners. This is why it is always best to have a comfort advisor help you size your air conditioner unit for your homes specific needs. Why is bigger, not better? Well a bigger AC unit has the ability to cool your home way faster which seems great in theory however it causes your air conditioner to cycle on and off more often as your home cools and heats up again too quickly. Think about it like fuel economy in your car. Stop-Start rush hour traffic kills your fuel economy the same way an air conditioner does. It’s best to keep it consistent like you would see highway driving.

Should I Change My Homes Temperature When I Am Not Home?

This can be a loaded question but there are a lot of “if’s” to the answer. If you are going away for a couple days or weeks absolutely yes. Unless you really want to make sure your cat gets AC there isn’t much of a reason to leave your Air Conditioning on when you aren’t there to enjoy it. If you are leaving for a shorter period of time the answer is still yes but you really shouldn’t adjust more than 2-5 degrees Celsius.


This goes back to the insulation side of things. Your home’s insulation is designed to help regulate your home’s temperature but if you turn off your system every time you leave your home, then it will heat up and will actually cause more energy to cool the entire home again because your air conditioner has to work extra hard to also get your insulation back to a cool temperature. This is why it’s best to simply adjust by a few degrees (3-5) that way it is easier for your home air conditioner system to regulate the temperature when you get home.

Best Temperature For Air Conditioning In The Winter

Now depending on where you live you may be wondering…

“What temperature should air conditioning be set at in winter?”

Once again this is really going to depend on what the weather is like and what is most comfortable for you. If its winter the best option is to keep your furnace to the lowest temperature you find comfortable and simply use some thicker blankets to stay warm and night etc. That is if you want to save the most on your energy bills, but why live with the cold? With an efficient system, you can stay warmer without having to worry about your bills. Less work for your furnace over the timeframe of a winter can save you quite a few bucks on your energy bills.

What Temperature Should I Set My Air Conditioner When I Am Sleeping?

The summer is a different story. According to Lifehacker, the lower you set your thermostat, the better it is for animals, plants, and your overall health (Lifehacker – Five Reasons to Lower Your Thermostat). You can sleep better feel more rested with a lower temperature in your home. No more hot nights tossing and turning struggling to get to sleep. Usually, 3-5 degrees f cooler is a great rule of thumb for your night sleep schedule but once again test it to see what’s comfortable.

Some sources say that for every degree warmer you set your thermostat you can see savings of 3-5%. These are always rough estimates and many factors go into those calculations including everything we have listed above. However, keep this in mind if you see big jumps in your bills. This could simply be your air conditioner is inefficient and isn’t running how it should. Maybe look into a Tune-up to make sure everything is running in tip-top shape.

Get A Programmable Thermostat!

We have covered a significant amount of opportunities for savings as well as just good averages for temperatures for your home. In order to implement it all its best to make sure you have a programmable thermostat. This thermostat should enable you to do everything we covered above, from setting temperatures at certain times of day to when you’re gone. This can be set on a schedule you choose so you can have your air conditioner kick in an hour before your home from work so when you walk in the door its cool relaxing but also, so you can save the costs to maintain the temperature while you aren’t there.


Nowadays with your smartphone evolving so is the technology in your home. There are thermostats that can be controlled from your phone even if you are in a different country. This is where you can maintain absolute control over your home, your bills and your comfort.

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